Our orthodontist and team proudly utilize 3D printing in Nashville and Columbia, Tennessee, to help you get the results you need without a long wait. One of the most common ways we use 3D printing is to make clear aligners. We also use this technology to create night guards, sleeping appliances and some retainers.

How Does It Work?

The process of getting a custom oral appliance at Sims Orthodontics starts with taking digital impressions of your smile. Digital impressions are fast and extremely comfortable. After taking precise measurements of your smile, Dr. Robert Sims will design and create the oral appliance.

What Are the Benefits?

By using a 3D printer, Dr. Sims can complete your treatment in our office, reducing time needed to get your oral appliance and, in some cases, reducing your treatment costs. Your oral appliance will be highly accurate with a smooth, precise fit and finish, made perfectly for your smile.

If you are interested in seeing the benefits of using 3D printing, schedule an appointment with our orthodontist and team at 615-385-2714. You are sure to leave our office with a comfortable oral appliance that looks and feels great. Our experienced team can’t wait to care for your smile!