Testimonials in Nashville and Columbia, TN

Our entire office is committed to patient care! Our mission is to treat our patients and their families with the utmost respect while providing outstanding orthodontic care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here is what our patients are saying:


Singer Faith Hill showed off her braces at the 2013 Grammy Awards!

“I have had so many questions about my braces, mostly, who is my orthodontist.... Dr. Robert Sims!!! He rocks!!!”
— Faith Hill


“Dr. Sims has a state-of-the-art office with the latest technology and an accommodating staff to make your orthodontic experience remarkable. His expertise is unequivocal, and I would highly recommend his services to any of my friends and family. My experience with Dr. Sims was definitely something to smile about!”
— Allison DeMarcus, Miss Tennessee & CMT Host


“George and I discussed going to see Dr. Sims about my smile. George said to me, ‘Nancy why on earth would you want to do that at your age?’ I told George I want to check into this new Invisalign® I’ve seen so much about. Now I am so pleased with my beautiful smile I would recommend Dr. Sims to anyone and everyone no matter how old you are. Now, George says age doesn’t matter when it comes to your smile. Thanks to Sims Orthodontics I’m proud of my smile (and so is George!).”
— Nancy Jones, wife of country legend George Jones, Nashville


“I had braces before, and the fear of getting braces as an adult was keeping me away from having the smile I always wanted. Dr. Sims and his staff gave me peace of mind and set up the perfect timeline fitted for my lifestyle. Braces were a breeze with Dr. Sims, and now I am confident and happy with the perfect smile! I would highly recommend Dr. Sims to my family and friends!”
— Hayley Lewis, Miss Tennessee 2014

“Dr. Sims has an extremely comfortable environment in his office that is accommodating for patients of all ages.”
— Lindsey Herren

“He KNOWS what he is doing and his staff is very friendly.”
— Teresa Turnbo

“Dr. Sims is a knowledgeable man who is very kind and compassionate.”
— Emma Dedman

“Dr. Sims is very personable and treats his patients as individuals. I don’t feel like ‘just another patient’ to him. I feel that he truly cares about my specific issues.”
— Aarika Boggs

“He is funny, nice, and doesn’t do anything wrong.”
— Matthew Robbins

“I really enjoy flexibility and great attitude of your office. You guys are great to work with and I enjoy coming to see you.”
— Brad Bass

“Dr. Sims is friendly and always seems to have a smile on his face. Also, it is very apparent that he truly wants the outcome of each patient’s treatment to be as perfect as possible ... and it’s obvious that he’s had an excellent education and lots of continuing education in the field of orthodontics.”
— Elizabeth Beavers

“Dr. Sims’s ability to make Brianna at ease during treatment made our experience more enjoyable. Brianna has special needs because of a genetic disease. Dr. Sims has been a blessing from God!”
— Pam Ledwell

“Dr. Sims is a great orthodontist. He is very good about explaining every procedure in detail and making sure that both patient and parent understand what is going on. His staff is very helpful and always friendly.”
— Javonn Anderson

“Dr. Sims is incredibly friendly, always makes you feel welcome, and remembers personal details about you and your treatment. Excellent team who all do their jobs warmly and efficiently.”
— Mel Taylor

“We have not had a consultation yet but so far his reputation for expertise in his field is terrific. I like his website.”
— Camille Crawford

“Dr. Sims is very personable and professional. Has a very convenient location and office hours.” — Kelicia Nicole Hendrix

“Dr. Sims is very polite and takes the time to answer all questions.”
— Rebecca Thornton

“Dr. Sims’s personality is what I like the most. He is the best dentist I’ve ever had. I appreciate that he takes the time to explain procedures. What’s best is that he treats me like he has known me forever.”
— Delana Kirby

“Dr. Sims is always accessible. He is fun and easy to be around. We love Dr. Sims!”
— The Lowe Family

“Dr. Sims has always been very nice to our family and is always willing to take the time to explain any questions that we have. He has done an excellent job on myself and two daughters.”
— Tabitha Seagraff

“He is very friendly and talks to the children like they are adults. The office staff is very nice, too!”
— Kelli Cherry

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